Why I got a Medical Alert Bracelet

My medical ID bracelet finally arrived!! A few years ago I saw a psych patient wearing one and at first, it confused me why someone with a mental illness would wear one, so I looked it up. Professionals recommend ID bracelets for people with mental disabilities for the same reasons they recommend them for those with physical ones. If I were to have a severe mental breakdown because of my PTSD or Bipolar, for example, the bracelet would help alert the cops or paramedics that my symptoms might be caused by a mental issue, not a physical one or drugs or something. I have personally had an experience with an individual who the police thought was high, but as it turns out he was having a psychotic episode. He could have gotten proper care faster if they had known that ahead of time. Since I have been known to black out into psychosis, I thought it’d be a smart idea to invest in one myself finally. I love this brand, getmyid, because there is a QR code and ID number on the inside so first responders can instantly access all my medical information as well as my mental health history. Definitely consider one if you’ve got mental health issues!

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