Hiya! I’m Ren.

Writer. Ravenclaw. Pukwudgie. Thespian. Dancer. Hippie. Poet. Mental Health Activist. Libra. ASL Interpreter Wannabe. Whovian.

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ren_0797_small_share_1000pixSQI’m not the greatest person ever. I make mistakes. I talk too loud. I fall too hard. I’m odd. I can be annoying. I like to think I’m funny. People think I know more sign language than I do. I don’t eat as often as I should, and it’s not always healthy. I know all the words to a lot of riddikulus songs. I play Sims and have fun killing them. Unless the meat lived a happy life first, I don’t wanna eat it. There’s only room for one me on this earth. I don’t want to be anyone else, nor do I want anyone to be me. I’m imperfect and perfectly me. And that’s the way I like it. I love Hershey’s milk chocolate more than anything else. I hate squash. I write a lot of poetry. I’m an introvert. So until I get to know you, I’m very shy and awkward. A few years ago, my life fell apart and I lost some of my best friends because if it. but what doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger. I love quotes. I can fluently speak English and kind of ASL, and I’m a Spanish minor. I am the biggest Potterhead I know, but my main fandom is Starkid, hands down. I have a song for everything. I am the worst liar. I’ve reached for the moon but landed among the stars. I’m a survivor, and I’ve learned to be happy with who I am.

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